7 sophisticated, archetypal stones. After a thorough  selection process, 7 stones with a modern, contemporary look have been  selected, creating a sophisticated range of warm, versatile shades,  ideal for use in combination with each other and with all the natural  materials used for furnishings and finishes.

 Two product types, a fantastic range. The NATURAL  STONE project comprises seven porcelain stone types (seven sizes, two  surface finishes) and the matching NATURAL STONE WALL white-body wall  tiles in the same seven stones. 

 The ideal surface, for any project. With 2 production  technologies, 7+1 sizes and three surface finishes, there are no limits  for covering the floors and walls of private and public buildings. 

 High-performance colour-through porcelain stoneware. NATURAL  STONE is also an ideal material for heavily used public areas.  ITALGRANITI colour-through porcelain tiles offer outstanding performance  in terms of resistance to wear, frost and chemicals, as well as a  compact, watertight surface which makes cleaning easier.

 100% MADE IN ITALY. NATURAL STONE brings you the best of Italian design, tradition and technology. 

 High-definition material. The material has a very fine, substantial texture, with every detail precisely styled by high-definition digital technology.

 Ideal for green building. NATURAL STONE is an ideal  material for eco-sustainable building. This is proven by the EMAS-ISO  14001 certification of the production plant and above all by the  Ecolabel mark, which certifies a product’s excellence in terms of  reduced environmental impact. NATURAL STONE surfaces contribute to the  award of points in the LEED system, which measures buildings’ overall  environmental sustainability.

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